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Landscape Nova Scotia

The voice of Nova Scotia's Landscape & Horticultural Industry

Landscape Nova Scotia Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

  1. Members of Landscape Nova Scotia are expected to observe the Code of Conduct in spirit as well as letter.
  2. The Code of Conduct outlines the most important standards of ethical and professional conduct by which Members are expected to abide by.
  3. Membership status is decided and continued based on the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.
  4. Members shall act fairly, honestly and in a manner they would be prepared to defend publicly in all aspects of the practice of their trade.
  5. Members shall endeavour to serve clients with integrity, knowledge, and creative ability. They shall provide only the highest level of professional services to clients, employers and others in the landscape horticultural/nursery industry (hereafter "the Industry").
  6. Members have a responsibility to provide constructive criticism to the Board of Directors, in writing, when necessary to ensure the continued quality of goods and services.
  7. Members shall not make false or malicious statements that may injure the professional reputation of another Member.
  8. Members shall work to maintain confidence and trust in the profession of horticulture and landscape trade, Members advertising shall neither be false or in any way misleading.  Members have an obligation to render goods and services in an efficient and cost effective manner in order to protect the client’s interest while maintaining acceptable standards.
  9. Members have an ongoing responsibility to improve their own professional knowledge and skills and keep abreast of new developments in their industry. Members shall encourage continuing education and research within the horticultural and landscape Industry.
  10. Members shall endeavour to attract to the profession, individuals with a high degree of honesty, courtesy, integrity, and competence.
  11. Members have a responsibility to pay their suppliers.
  12. Members shall perform work or supply goods according to accepted industry standards and any Landscape Nova Scotia specifications approved from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  13. Members shall continually strive toward the betterment of the environment through their dedication to the profession of horticulture and landscape trades.
  14. Members shall endeavour to be involved in Landscape Nova Scotia and contribute positively towards the advancement of Landscape Nova Scotia.
  15. Members shall positively promote Landscape Nova Scotia to encourage the strengthening of Landscape Nova Scotia and that of its Members in the marketplace.


Code of Ethics


  1. To work continually toward the betterment of our environment through our dedication to the profession of horticulture.
  2. To      be honest, just and helpful to all who are our customers.
  3. To comply with the Landscape Nova Scotia’s Specification and the Landscape Canada Nursery Stock Specifications.
  4. To avoid any practice, which might bring discredit to our industry.
  5. To progress in all ways possible in our qualifications and interchanging of information and experience.
  6. To observe the by-laws of the Association and to give of ourselves liberally for the advancement of its objectives.
  7. To uphold the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for the  services we render.